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Once again I have let time get away from me. I had intended to blog my P90X experience and now I am almost done with P90X! It has been a trying experience to be sure. And a long, drawn out one at times as sickness, injuries, and other setbacks have delayed me. But I haven't given up and I think that is what is important to remember. Sticking with it and moving forward. No matter how long it takes me to finish, staying with it is what produces the results. I see people too frequently think they have to start all over again when setbacks occur, and, listen to me.....they always do!! If I had to start over every time I had a delay, I would NEVER finish. I'm in it for the results, not the perfection of sticking to a schedule. The schedule is there to help you and guide you, not rule you. 

So, speaking of results!! I, obviously do not have "final" results yet but I took some photos a couple weeks ago to mark my progress so far with P90X because I just "needed to see" tangible evidence that this program was working. Here's the thing I have learned about P90X: You will most likely not see dramatic weight loss right off the bat or even from week to week. The victories you see with P90X are mostly non-scale related. I haven't lost a lot of weight with this program, not like when I was doing Combat. BUT, I have lost 3 pants sizes!!! I can wear a fitted shirt and not have side-belly spillover!!! I have muscles that I have never seen before!!! I have stamina that I never had before, I can wear clothes I haven't been able to wear in years, I look better in my wedding dress now than when I wore it on my wedding day!!! Those things are immeasurable. So, here are my pictures from recently while we await my "final" pictures. 

So, in two weeks I will be done with this program and I'm trying to decide what program I will be doing next. P90X3 comes out in only 2 more days and I would LOVE to do it because it's all the hype right now and there will be a lot of groups forming for everyone to work out together. That's super exciting!! But we have lot of household dynamics changing at the current time and I don't know if a new purchase is wise. I have two programs that I haven't done that I am considering doing FIRST. In which order, I am not certain. We have Focus T25 which is an incredible program and we also have the Ultimate Reset which I really "need" to do to learn how to eat better and really bust through this plateau. 

So, I have been considering doing the Reset first after the beginning of the New Year and once we get moved into our new house! Yes, new house!!! So, Mike and I put a contract on a (new to us) house and if everything goes smoothly, our closing date is set for January 3. What better way to break in a new kitchen than with the Ultimate Reset and cooking wholesome delicious foods in it? 

These are exciting times for us and a little scary too. I turned in my notice at my current "away from home" job and am working it out through the end of the year. We are buying a house and moving. And now I feel called to homeschool my children, which when I really think about it answers more questions than it raises. So, I am praying about all of these things and exploring all of the possibilities. Ultimately, I know that He is in control and my job is to follow His will to the best of my ability. It doesn't always (read, rarely ever) make sense to my head what He is asking and where He is leading but it always turns out amazing. And it always gives me much to write about!! 

In the meantime, I will continue with my workouts and my wonderful, amazing challenge groups! Watching what God is doing in others' lives through those groups amazes me daily!! Trust me, if you have a desire for change in your life healthwise and fitness-wise, message me and I will help you. It is what I love to do. And the results speak for themselves. 

Here are some recent pictures of the shenanigans the kids have been up to. :)

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