Chrissie Bader
Y'all knew this was coming, right? My New Year's post? Well, actually, this isn't the one. That one will show up in the next couple of days in the wee dark hours of the morning from a deep place of contemplation and reflection. ;) This post isn't that one. (Although I am listening to my favorite version of the Pachelbel by the beautiful and talented Laura Sullivan, which is my music for contemplation. Seriously, go check her out. She's absolutely amazing.)

I normally love the last day of the month anyway because I get to make a fresh new calendar for my fridge and I love the excitement of a new month. The last day of the year is even more exciting!! First thing I did today was sit down with  my coffee, my calendar, and my markers!

Yep, I do two months out because it's easier for me to plan ahead especially as we really get into the current month. I need to always see at least 4 weeks out. Anyone else like that? 

As I was making the February calendar (January was up already), I marked in my baby's 5th birthday. Enter freak out mode! My BABY, Kiki, is going to be 5 in less than two months. Where, seriously where, is the time going? I want to do an ugly cry just thinking about it. But then, I find such solace and comfort knowing that this is going to be such an incredible year for all of us! 2015 was our healthiest year ever thanks to essential oils. Seriously, we have never been so healthy in all of our years as a family, especially with our kids still being small. So, we are going into 2016 healthy as well! We will begin our 2nd semester homeschooling!! How exciting that is!! And this year, that I would be sending my last child off to Kindergarten, I will get to treasure and celebrate that milestone with her at home with me and her brother and sister. What an absolutely amazing blessing!! That alleviates much of the heartache that I felt sending my other two off to school on their first day of Kindergarten. 

So, feeling sort of retrospective, here are some photos of New Year's Eves past. Can't wait to go make some more wonderful and happy memories with my beautiful family. These are the special times! :)

New Year's Eve 2014 - Kiki and Danny couldn't make it. 

NYE 2014 - Reagan

NYE 2014 - Caleb

NYE 2010 - Caleb

NYE 2009 - Reagan

And right now we are headed to our favorite place to spend New Year's Eve with our favorite people. Happy New Year everyone!! Be safe! Make memories! :)

Peace out!