Chrissie Bader
So, the other night when I was doing my workout, about halfway through I was so tired and winded. I wanted to quit so badly. That's when I looked around at my walls and saw all of the items I have stashed around my workout room to keep me motivated and to remind me why I'm doing this....again. I wanted to share some of those things here.

This one motivates me for several reasons. First, it reminds me how proud I was of myself for what I accomplished. Second, it reminds me that I can do it again! Now that I know it's possible I'm less likely to give up during the hard times. 

This one motivates me probably more than any other photo! At the time of the Spartan Race I was actually dissatisfied with my midsection despite all of the progress I had made elsewhere. After the race and when I look at this photo I only see and remember what my body was able to do that day! Absolutely amazing!! It motivates me to get back to where I was because I want to do this again....SO BADLY!!

I took this picture the day of the Spartan Race after I got home and washed the mud out of my hair and face. My hair wasn't styled and I had no makeup on but my smile says everything I was feeling inside. I don't think I ever felt as beautiful as I did that afternoon and it was all based on achievement, not looks. 

This photo was after one of my P90X yoga workouts that I totally nailed! That's a hard, long workout and I was so proud that I was finally able to perfect it. Plus, my shoulders looked pretty nice here, lol. ;)

This one reminds me that fitness is a journey not a destination. Every day is a chance to start over or keep going. It also reminds me that I'm not alone on this journey and the special friend who made this for me is cheering me on the whole way. 

The last two are pretty self-explanatory but I know that my dreams and desires are possible with God on my side and that I am always in the process of transformation. I may not be where I want to be at this particular moment but the process is meaningful and will ultimately become something beautiful. 

What kinds of things do you keep around to motivate you?